Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uh, yes I am changing agian.

Are you confused?
Me too...
Are you frustrated???
Yeah me too. 
I mean can't I just make up mind?  It is a blog design not a cure for crow’s feet (although if one is ever found please let me know).

No really I have been all over the pace with the look and feel of the Chatter.  Do I go modern...?  Simple...?? Clean..??  Whimsical??  Photos vs Illustrations?  Humor vs Dramatic?
Sorry, the voices in my head are yelling at me again.
No what I really think the best thing is just to turn it over to a designer who really knows how to get the whole vibe and purpose of the Chatter across to my dear reads.  Think...Create.. Share...Inspire.  And oh yeah can you through in a picture of something lakeside and chattery?  And we must laugh.  Laughing is essential.  Not too hard right.
So yes the design will problay change one more time while I harass some poor blog designer with my ideas and creations.  However the concept and layout will stay the same.  So stay with me, keep coming back and keep chattering. 
Loves and Hugs.
P.S.  As I love music and songs I am now officially nominating P!nk's song "Raise Your Glass" as the new "theme song" of Lakeside Chatter.  Why do I have a theme song?  I mean do I really need one?  Yeah I sort of do.  Music goes hand in hand with inspiration, or at least that is how I feel anyways.  Hope you agree and if not I will raise my glass to you anyways.

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