About All the Chatter.

Why I started this Blog...

Well, I will put it this way.  I just got lucky.  I got lucky in the sense I became a Mommy, not once but twice to two wonderfully sweet boys one year apart from each other.  They are 5 & 6 now, but the earlier years, the ones where I was sleep deprived, clueless as to what day it was and walked around in a constant state of "What the heck happened to my energy my patience my waist line and my ability to form sentences after 5:00 p.m. ?” sort of funk.  It was in this very state that I was lucky enough to meet a fellow "funky-e" and she asked me if I belonged to a Mom's club.
No, I remember replying.  A Mom's Club?  Does it offer a life line to caffeine and ( on most evenings a IV for Merlot). Does it provide answers for the common diaper rash, the how many times is my kid going to puke on me and most importantly will it help me find me again?  Because as much as I love this Mommy chick that I have become, I really kind of sort of miss "me."
And before I knew it I was a member.  This was wonderful because I was surrounded by other people asking the same thing "Where did I go?" Because golly jeepers a year later into the club, I was still looking for her. 
But then something really cool happened.  I don’t remember how or why I just remember it happened and something in me changed.  I realized that after three years of motherhood, I was still here.  I just kept over looking her.  In between diapers and sippy cups and baby babble I was in there deep inside hiding from the inevitable.  That life had changed, life was different and life was no longer about me.
And on that same day as my epiphany I realized I wasn’t alone.  And so I began to see women differently.  I actually sort of fell in love with women because, lord we are quite amazing.  Not just for the whole childbirth thing but are hearts our minds are nurturing habits and passion for others.  And to take this a step further I realized that despite going through the exact sort of identity crisis I was, there was so many women out there who were finding  a way to dust off the cob webs, refocus their minds and follow their passions. Even if that passion didn’t always include the runny nosed chubby adorable mess of drool. 
Then I realized, maybe just maybe I could do the same thing.
So I asked myself the one thing I loved more than anything (other than my family because yes, they are without a doubt awesome). And my answer was what it has been all along.
To inspire, to help others be inspired to laugh and feel good, and mixed in there somewhere was and always will be my passion to write.

So I began a blog.  I blogged about Moms Club events, shared pictures form play groups and wrote stories focusing on Moms and how they balance family and work.  I saw and realized how many budding entrepreneurs we had, how many skilled professionals we had and how many caring hearts that in my time with the club saw two incredible charitable organizations take form right in front of my eyes and are very active in our community today
So things came full circle.  As intimating as other women can be (and sometimes still are) I felt a new kinship, saw a new power, a new resilience,  a  new story that showed me women aren’t the enemy like I sometime used to feel.  Going from Like Oh my god look at her hair and is she really wearing that mini skirt and I just hate how she stole Brad away from Jen and could she be a skinner bitch" to-
“Wow, women ROCK!." And I would like nothing more than to be a part of this unique organization that allows us to shine in ways we never have before.
So I welcome you to this part of my world and I hope you stay and like it here.  This blog is a little bit of everything and over the months has change shaped and form and probably will do so again (I am after all a woman and can’t seem to make my mind up at times) But it is here I would like to provide a platform for not just Mom’s but ALL Women all over the world who are looking for something that reminds them of whom they were and who they will always be....SIMPLY AMAZING.

Hugs and Kisses,
Mary Ickert