Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For Squad B - A Moment.

If you would like to sign up to take Squad B a meal please send me an e-mail at   and I will send you all the info!!
Below is their story...
Have you ever had a moment…. 
Where you feel as if the world could come to a complete standstill? 
When something so utterly unexpected can happen in a split second and a story unfolds before your eyes….
And in that moment when your eyes lead you to that story all you can think is one word…..
Please Help...   

Have you ever felt this way?
Staring and watching and crying and breathing.
You must breath. 
Because they will need you. 
You will need to be strong and go inside yourself to that place you know you have…
There is no absence of fear,
there is no way out.
You are there, in that moment.

And you must hold on tight.
You must hold your breath for one more second as you tell yourself…
It will be okay.
It will be okay.

It will be okay.
And someone will be there holding your hand while you cry, while you pray while you grip back with all your might.
They have been there with you and back.

They understand the sound that has escaped from your mouth.
Please help…

And they DO.

This post is dedicated to Squad B with Station # 38 located in Southwest Charlotte on Shopton Rd West. They were on call a few weeks ago when a boy about the same age as my youngest son was hurt in an accident.  His mother, a dear friend of mine had to succumb to something, we as humans, all sign up for when we become a parent.  The absolute vulnerability of seeing your child hurt, scared and in need of much help and medical care..  My friend is a very strong lady, but her son is even stronger.  He is home and resting and safe and will recover from his injuries.... Thanks to this particular Squad who was there that day. 
Many of you may not know but Charlotte Firefighters are also first responders when a call comes in.  If there is an emergency you will most likely see a firetruck pull up before the ambulance thanks to their mandatory EMT training that every Charlotte firefighter goes through.  Each firefighter has either their EMT- D ( standing for defibulation) and can administer a variety of first aid services that are critical in the first hour of an injury or illness.  Some Firefighters are also trained Paramedics, which includes a more advanced knowledge of Emergency Medical services and the know how of administering medications (i.e. needles) in the field. 
Without a doubt firefighters put their life on the line every day they go into work. Some days there are no calls. And some days there are more calls than they no what to do with. Each day is different, but one thing stays the same. The hours are long, irregular and often at times go unnoticed. With that being said, they are also responsible for their own meals. While all of the stations are equipped with kitchen facilities, all the meals are either cooked by them or they are on the good graces of Charlotte Take Out.
Coming next month we you will have a great opportunity to help give back to our community and show Squad B how much we appreciate what they have done not just for my friends family, but all for the families they serve in our neck of the woods. Each week Lakeside Chatter will be arranging to have a meal delivered to them on one of their overnight shifts.  You will be able to sign up for a night, view what night's are available and see what other people have signed up to bring to help cut down on repetitive meals. As of now they are covered through the first week in June. So check back soon and often and be on the lookout for the meals link to go out. I will also include a link on Lakeside Chatter's Facebook page.
A special thank you to Rob over at Station # 38 who allowed me to come by yesterday and ask some questions and take a few pictures. I am so grateful for all of these men and women and take comfort in the fact that when life's moments happen, there is somebody always on duty who can provide not just help but also, courage and inspiration to lead us out of the fire and towards the notion that no matter what, in the end, everything is going to be okay.

"But sound aloud the praises,
and give the victor-crown
To our noble-hearted Firemen,
who fear not danger's frown."
~Frederic G.W. Fenn, , "Ode to our Firemen," 


  1. Mary,
    You are such a great, inspirational writer. I am truly blessed to have you in my life :) Great job with the pictures and portraying an accurate depiction of those early moments. Hugs to you my friend!

  2. what a wonderful (and worthy) tribute!

    i had an accident this past fall in which emt's and fire fighters showed up on my doorstep.

    i had fallen down some stairs and called 911 because i felt dizzy afterwards and feared i may pass out while alone with him at home.

    they were so kind to tend to my then 2 yr old - while i was on a gurney - they buckled him up in the ambulance car seat (he was THRILLED to see the truck, no recognition for what was going on with me at all, so that was good)- They also found my keys, purse and shoes for me and also locked up my house.

    thankful! :)

  3. Wow.. Thanks ladies.. I can't imagine how scary certain moments can feel... I just know I have a better appreciation for the people in our community in all communities actually who feel a strong pull to serve as rescue personnel (heroes in my book). Thanks for sharing your comments, and stories with me. :-)

  4. A tentative meal schedule has been created:

  5. Beautiful Mary! Melissa C

  6. Mary, Your writing just gets better and better! And your accurate depiction of a mother's thought in emergency situations must be in part due to your need for those emergency services at the beach not too long ago. Perhaps your "shout out" about these local firemen and women will inspire others to honor those who serve their communities. Wouldn't it be great for them all to feel the love!