Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Letter to God. A Letter to Ginny.

Dear Ginny,

This is not God (just wanted to clear that up front) but I do know a thing or two about Holidays.  You see there is this certain secret between us girls.  We sort of own our very special holiday.  It starts with a V and ends with an E and goes like this: Valentine's Day.
Say it with me, "Vaaalllleeennnttiiineeesss Daaaayyyy......"
Very good sweetie, you see, when you grow up you will learn the valuable power of this special day.  First, it does come between Christmas and Easter.  Exciting Right?  Second, if you play your cards right you will get lots of cookies and candy (when you are still young) a nice dinner, flowers and/or jewelry when you are older (again if you play your cards right) and when you become a Mommy you get homemade Valentine’s Day cards made by your precious yet sticky (from all the candy I was telling you about) five year old. 
You also get to exchange Valentine’s Day cards with your friends and find out what they really think of you.  Things like "Cutie Pie," "Cup Cake" and "Hug Me" are all wonderful saying's, good for the soul and can be a fantastic mood lifter. 
Then you get to eat the little sayings and if you are still young you won't care about the caloric intake, and when you get to be 30 and over you will care a little bit more but not really.  They are small pieces so eating  18 in a row won't hurt (not that I would l know....)
Now, I must pause real quickly and throw in a small (yet powerful) warning, the men in your life will totally try and deny you this holiday.  They will say things like "It is a Marketing Ploy"  "Stores just want our money" and some other senseless crap.  Girlfriend, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY and if they pull that trick on you ignore them, remind them of how fabulous you are and if that fails steal their credit card and go buy yourself you own Valentine’s Day present and double the amount on what you think he would have spent.  Some store suggestions...IKEA, Nordstrom’s, Pottery Barn, Jarred Galleria (my personal favorite) and so on. 
So you see, it is all good sweetheart.  A holiday focused on hearts and love and sugar and spice and everything nice.  It is a Girls DREAM.
Yet more than anything I want you to remember, that the most important part of a holiday focused on hearts, is to remind ourselves, to take care of our own.  So Ginny,  from one girl to another, be good to yourself, and Love Yourself.  You can’t go wrong there and I think even God just might agree.

Kind Regards,
A Friend


  1. I'm glad this link worked. What a lovely letter and it' so ture: be good to yourself and only then can you spread love to others.

  2. Beautiful blog... Found you through Linkedin. I'm now following.

  3. Awww... I love the message at the end! Thanks for visiting my blog today! So glad we're connected!