Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Channeling Oprah Part III

Well, I did it.  The slideshow/movie that is.  If you are new here, and reading this for the first time, let me promptly introduce myself.  Hello, I am a Stay at Home Mom with a blog and  most of my world is centered around not having a clue on really much of anything.  Welcome.  If you too don't have a clue I like you even more (and please become one of my followers).

No, in all seriousness I am that person who loves to laugh and mostly LOVES to be inspired. It is why I started this site and since it is January it just feels like laughter and inspiration needs to be inserted into my veins via an IV and I would like to spread around that love and inspiration as much as possible.  I could keep babbling (I am good at that).  Or you can just read more about my "Oprah Project" here:
Don't worry you can come back to this post when you are done.  I am not going anywhere.

So back to my "Something New and Different" project.  This task was tricky but fun.  I don't know why but for some reason I came up with an idea to try and make a story using random photos.  These photos came from pictures I took one day while driving to meet my sister across town for lunch.  My plan: only take pictures when I get stopped (usually at red lights) or also behind really, really slow and/or incompetent people (that is my husband wearing off on me, the Horn Master I call him, the precious dear..).
Anyways,  all the pictures I took were from various intersections and the video must reflect a story using ONLY those pictures.  Let me just go ahead and say that intersections in general are pretty basic and boring.  But intersections on a cold and dreary January are even extra boring and basic.  So this was my challenge.  Take boring and basic, and make a video that isn't "Boring and Basic."  Easy right??
A few notes, I am not a video expert, and while I do own Microsoft Movie Maker which is the program I used (and then cursed at and then used some more and then cursed some more and so on…), the final project is well very amateur at best.  But I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine putting it together (after all the cursing).  You will have to go to Lakeside's Chatter Facebook page to see the link.  Apparently the video file was too big to post on blogger (even though the entire video is only 3 minutess and 17 seconds. Will try and iron our more kinks and also have it up on You Tube.  For now here is the facebook link.  Enjoy!!


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