Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My "No Holds Barred" Take on Casey Anthony.

I wasn't planning on it, but something told me to write anyways...

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This feels personal!
Scratch that. This feels utterly disgusting! And maybe I wouldn't be so riled up if we haven't just come off a Holiday weekend celebrating our country' freedom. Because, quite honestly, our American Justice system has let me down, big time. Say what you want about the evidence or lack there of, say what you want about reasonable doubt and yeah the family was dysfunctional and yeah there was no “clear” understanding of how this poor child died... And everyone is going to have an opinion about everything and that is just the way things are....
But don't tell me "Not Guilty."
Because there is no doubt in my mind that she anything- BUT guilty! She was her MOTHER people. The one woman Caylee could trust, depend on and knew would keep her safe. And if she didn't end Caylee's life on purpose if it was an accident of some kind she is still GUILTY. Because she partied and she smiled and she danced and she made out with guys and drank cocktails.  She went shopping and she lied and lied and lied again. And oh yeah the Tattoo the freaking TATTOO "Beautiful Life" it reads.....  "MONSTER" it should read.
She never, ever grieved!
She only cried in court when it was about "her" and not her daughter.
She is mean she is cut throat and she is-
Free... To do what she wants. To have another baby to get away with something so horrific and she will be able to probably write a book about it... Reality TV shows because that is how it rolls.... The more awful you are, the more attention you will get.
It is disgusting!
And what about the child abuse charges?? She is not guilty of that as well? Really?!? Your child is missing for 31 one days and you don't report it? If that is not abuse I don't know what is.
I don't know much about much. But I know that when you become a mother it is no longer about you it is about them. It will forever be about them. I have to confess here….  I actually  have more respect for Cindy Anthony for still calling Casey "Sweetheart" on the jail cell phone during their talk’s right after Casey was arrested.  Because, honestly, that is what mother's do. Cindy's daughter was in jail no one knew what happened yet, Casey kept lying and spinning more webs of pain and Cindy still said "I love you sweetheart." Because to Cindy it was about Casey. Her daughter was in jail and scared and Monster or not, unconditional love is what it is. And that I get. I get that families are screwed up and upside down and no one is perfect and bad things happen.... But your child is your child and will always be "sweetheart" to your mother.
Unless you have no heart, then you are nothing and nothing will eventually catch up with you. Even if 12 men and women handed you nothing but the ability to go free, and therefore nothing has changed. The dust will settle, injustice will forever linger and a three year old little girl will never laugh or sing or swim or dance or even become old enough to and enjoy her own beautiful life.
I don't get it.
And I never will. That is why this is personal. My pack, my people, my fellows Mothers there is one amongst us who broke every rule in the book. Who failed their child and danced anyway.
Land of the free? Clearly!!!! 
This just feels wrong.
And wrong wasn’t supposed to be how Caylee’s life ended. 
She deserved better, she deserved our help... Her justice was due.
I just don't get it.... 
Do you?

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  1. Just found your delightful blog.....and I thank you for sharing it.

    Just want to say AMEN to this post. I have a hard time talking about that verdict/trial/circus/travesty.......

    I am a mother and what an honor it is. Just can't imagine what kind of monster could ever neglect/murder/whatever their own flesh and blood.