Thursday, June 30, 2011

Store Score - Crazy 8

I have to share with you my new favorite store for kids clothing.  Some of you may have heard of it, but if not you must check it out and do so NOW.
Crazy 8
It is a little bit "Old Navy", "Life is Good" and "Gap" all wrapped up into one.  I later found out it is affiliated with "Gymboree", but much more reasonable.

What I love about this store.....
First the sales.  They run more sales then I have ever seen and all of the stuff on sale is not just overlooked over picked mis matched outfits.  We are talking sales on great quality, great outfits and best part in season.  In fact the above boys outfit is currently on sale online and at the store.  Combined price is under $25.00 (the T- Shirt alone is only $3.00)  I mean HELLO!?!?!?!  

Second, Quality Quality.  Here is where I insert my "Life is Good" comparison.  I love that brand because it is soft and holds up really really well.  But I can't always afford their stuff.  Crazy 8 reminds me a lot of Life is Good.  I just love the feel of the boys clothes...

Two shirts I got for the boys for our beach week.

Third, They have a T.V in the store.  In the back along with a comfortable bench and room to spread out on the floor, the boys can sit and watch a cartoon while I can browse freely.

Finally, everytime I go in there are new outfits, new sales and honestly the most expensive item in the store is still under $25.00.  Just about every item I have purchased has been $12.00 or under.  Great deal in my book. 

I also learned that after July 5th school uniform outfits will be coming in.  I am sure right along with it will be more sales and more great items to look through.  I am in love and this is definitely my go to store for the kiddo's.

More info...
Outfits boys girls and sized 0-14.
Located - Carolina Place mall, upper level next to Build a Bear
Current Special "Crazy Cash"  Spend $40.00 or more and receive $20.00 in crazy cash towards your next purchase.

So check it out and when you do feel free to share with me your thoughts.  I just love when I find great stores and so happy I can pass this on to you all.
With Love,

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