Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a Week

In this crazy few days where we gained a princess and went down one more bad guy I have to say it has moved and lifted my spirits in ways I wasn't expecting.  From a fairy tale wedding to remembering 9/11... My heart goes back and fourth with so many emotions...We are one more step closer to healing an old wound....
Honoring and reflecting on those we loved and lost....
Feeling a bit safer a bit more blessed to be in this country where I get to sit behind a computer, share my heart with all of you and revel in the fact that sometimes love really can conquer all...

What can I say I am old fashioned at heart, and I thank you for all who is here with me on this journey.
So make sure to fell the Love here and check out what is going on around the Chatter. 

The Mother's Day Giveaway is still in full swing. 

So many of you have e-mailed and left me comments on my facebook page.  THANK YOU!!  Please keep passing on the contest and Lakeside Chatter as well.  You can enter by simply leaving me a comment here or on my facebook page or you can e-mail me at  Thanks again to Thoughtful Creations for the generous basket design and contents.

Don't forget to Visit The Cupcake Girl and receive 10% off your order now through May 15th.  She bakes amazing goodness and will be a perfect treat for Mothers Day or "just because" (my personal favorite excuse for just about anything)!!

Day and Night Burp Cloths for baby by Plumfield Shop

Check out the adorable new baby items along with other great pieces for the home and for yourself from Etsy Shop Owner Lauren at The Plumfiled Shop.  Make sure to also visit her blog here  She has exciting news for more projects she is working on and you will enjoy all of her pictures she takes on her travels. 

Great Health event coming up this Thursday, May 5th. And also the Strawberry Festival  in downtown Fort Mill, SC is Friday and Saturday May 6th and 7th.  See the Events Page for more details....

Steele Creek Outreach efforts were recently featured in the Lake Wylie Pilot.  I just love Nichole and everything she doe for our community.  If you missed it here is your chance to read on this amazing organization who helps so many families in need.  Volunteer opportunities are still very much needed so make sure to also check out SCO website:

Lastly but not leastly ( I make up words quite often) if you like to Bake check this out....
It is for a great cause and a great charity called:  Cookies for Cancer:
Read Below .....

A friend of mine, Dominique forwarded me an e-mail and I wanted to share with all of you.
Lesa Helbein, is a crusader for the Cookies for Kids Cancer charity. She is always doing amazing things for this cause and she has asked me for some help. They will be doing a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale at the Strawberry Festival in Fort Mill on May 6th & 7th and they need to recruit a lot more bakers for the bake sale. They need as many people as possible to bake treats as this festival is expecting over 20,000 people! They would greatly appreciate a helping hand from anyone who wants to help us raise money for pediatric cancer research. 
If anyone can bake please let me know! I will make arrangements to come pick up from you by Friday, May 6th (by 10:00). 
You can bake cookies, brownie, muffins, whatever your heart desires and whatever amount you can. All is welcome and very much appreciated!
Hope you all have a wonderful week. 


  1. It was a crazy week wasn't it!? Royal wedding and the biggest bad guy there is taken down.

    I would love to win the Mothers Day prize! And you are announcing on my b-day! :)

  2. So glad that I was chosen as the necklace winner!! I love it and LOVE Lakeside Chatter too!!! Thanks Mary!