Monday, May 2, 2011

Mommy Love - A Mother's Day Giveaway

I could barely wait until I was one.
Because mine did it so well.
She had the answers to EVERYTHING, she made the best pancakes called "clouds" (that is how light and fluffy there were)
She helped me grow and change and yes we had the infamous teenage "rough patch" but she never once gave up on me.
She was there when I needed just about anything.
Even when I didn't know what that "anything" was, she was there somehow knowing...
Always knowing, helping, inspiring.
and loving.
And I love her now more than I ever thought I could.
Because I am one too.
A Mommy.
My story is different.  I have two boys.  She had two girls. Twins actually.
My twiny and my Sweet Mommy.
My boys are not twins but they are close enough.  12 months and 5 days exactly.  On most days it feels like twins.  And I love this because it reminds me of my childhood, my experiences with someone who was on the same playing field.  She got me and I got her and we too had the "rough patch"  She was way to smart and responsible for me to "hang" with her.  I mean like OMG right...  But deep down I admired her, her ability to stand up to anyone, her confidence, the smart way she handled everything.  Yet, without a doubt she was and still is my best friend.
And now she is a Mommy too.
Me and Evan with my sis and her little man.

Also to a boy.  A beautiful blond headed mess of a boy, who I love just as if he were my own. and if it is possible I think I admire her even more.  Because one of her biggest strengths is how she nurtures, how she loves, how she would do anything for anyone. 
And guess who taught her....


And so here we are.
Three Mommies. 
And I love them so much.
They still teach me, help me and love me.
And I am so grateful, so blessed and so honored I get to be on this journey with them.

So I have a great gift this week.  A beautiful basket full of everything perfect for the Mom, grandmother, sister, wife, friend etc... in your life.

Here is what is inside this beautifully detailed basket by Thoughtful Creations:

Bath & Body works in secret wonderland.
(2) small candles from Bath & Body works in Mojo and margarita.
Lime Rose hand petals soap.
Lemon soap in the shape of a Margarita glass.
Photo album.
Hot pink spa socks.
Hot pink bling nail file.
M&M's in orange, pink, and lime green.
Cute tissues with little ladies chatting and laughing on them.
Bubble bath in the shape of a lime flower.
Frosted cookie lip gloss.
Lime flavored butterfly Fitz for the bath tub.
Shimmering powder to put on the body.
Lime green manicure kit to do your feet.
*** custom shreds in orange, hot pink, and lime green**

A BIG thank you To Christine Barbera with Thoughtful Creations who designed this basket just for you.  Make sure you visit Christine's Facebook page and check out what beautiful gift basket's she makes for ANY occasion.

So here is how you Could Win this Fab Basket

Leave a comment below.
 Send me an e-mail to with your name and website or blog if you would like.
Become a Follower of the Chatter and/or Like my Facebook page
Pass on my blog to other Mommies sharing this wonderful giveaway, leave me a comment that you have done so.

Winners announced Thursday morning by 8:00 a.m.  Good luck and don't forget to celebrate the joy of Mother hood all week long, I know I will.

Peace and Love,

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