Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Organizational Tips

Brought to you by Kristin Lawrence, professional Organizer and Owner of Carolina Neat Freak which will soon be featured here on the Chatter. 
For now these are great ideas and great way to use space and old material you wouldn't usually think you would need.

Organizing Tips of the Week!!

Pantry Door
A Pantry door covered with chalkboard paint, can serves as the perfect place to keep a running shopping or "to do" list.
This photo shows a wall using the chalk paint but same concept applies since you can erase and reuse again and again. 

Tray Protector:

Simple mats cut from wallpaper remnants or decorative paper work magic on serving trays. Drinks are less likely to slide around, the tray is protected, and snack time is brightened up by this unexpected bit of color and pattern.

Thank you Kristin.  Can't wait to learn more on how to be better organized around the home and okay around my LIFE!

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