Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready Set Go!

So here you are.  The moment you have been waiting for as long as you can remember.  Today is the day.  You are going to start your own business!  You have done your homework, all of your research and you have done the planning the painstaking task of getting organized.  Your vision “your baby” is ready to be implemented.
You are ready. You are Set… It is Go time.  
So now what?  After all of that prep and anticipation, somehow, you can’t seem to find “Go.”  The most important part of this process is hiding on you. 
And you have no idea where to look.

Sound familiar?  Well guess what you are not alone.  In fact you are probably less alone than you ever have been before in your life.  Thousands of other people looking for their “Go” are all on the same ship as you and this is a good thing. Because when you are starting a business, relationships are an important part of the process.   The more relationships you build, the more you can learn from, be inspired by and even be challenged by to help you determine whether you are redy or not. 
Sure this can be intimating.  As are many other aspects of beginning a new business venture. But it is more than doable. With just some patience, hard work and (a little does of humility), you can begin the process of turning a craft, a skill even a passion into a rewarding career.  There are plenty of options out there these days.  Whether you want to start a project form the ground up or become involved in a business that is already established and can offer you training materials and guidance.  Either way, there is help but there are also a few things to ponder as well.
First, do a good, old fashion gut check.  Ask yourself how certain you feel about your product or idea.  Be prepared for your gut to sometimes answer you differently but this too is okay.  Since the business you are starting will be “your” business you will need to know yourself, your product, and your ideas better than anyone.  This should not only excite you but also motivate you to find your niche in the business world.  What you have to offer will be distinctively different from others just by being “yours.”
Next, Make sure it is a good fit, for you and your situation.   How much time can you devote daily to your business?  Come up with a business plan and stick to it, even if you think it may take you longer to get to the end result of a successful launch and journey.  You don’t want to set yourself up for failure early on in the running. 
Talk, talk and talk some more.  The art of conversation is a dying breed but it really shouldn’t be when you are starting a business.  Sure the internet and cell phones are great and of course necessary for networking and marketing, but the more you “talk” to people the better you will feel and the better you will be able to explain yourself and your business in person compared to over the computer which sometimes can get lost in translation. So talk it up, talk yourself up and remember practice makes perfect.  
Next up, figure out your audience.  Don’t try and cater to a crowd you think you know or may know.  Give yourself plenty of time to understand the dynamic of your business and who will benefit the most from it.  There will always be other companies there will always be competition, but more importantly there will ALWAYS be a customer.  The more you know your targeted audience the more you can find ways to keep your customers happy so they will keep coming back.  No, this will not happen overnight and yes it will take a while to find your targeted group.  But once you do, you will realize that group will be a loyal following and really the main success to successful business is a devoted and HAPPY customer.  You will learn that the happier your following is the happier you will be as well.   
Next, make yourself as accessible as possible.  Whether it is online communities, small business gatherings in your community, workshops or general networking, the more accessible you are the better your relationships are and you will be able to provide your clients or customers with a stable schedule so they know when and where they can find you. 
Lastly, don’t try and be something you are not.  This never works.  Stay focused, stay positive and be yourself.  In the end you will not only be ready you will be set in the best possible way and you will take off faster than you can say GO.

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