Monday, April 11, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

So guess what I am NOT good at....
Taking pictures of myself. So, so, sooooo not good at this. I mean sure I have a self timer and sure I could go that way, but where is the artistic value in that? A self shot in the mirror is way cooler and way more sophisticated (asuming you know what you are doing).
You see I got this idea form another awesome Mommy Blogger who really has her act together. And since I (soon) will be featuring all kinds of giveaways I thought it would be cool to practice with some photo taking with me,myself and I.

The Mission: Practice using Mirror, awful lighting in bathroom and horrific styled hair (it was practice people).
The Focus: Earrings... Not just any earrings but an exquisite set of shiny dangly earrings.

The kind I haven't worn in years, the kind I just drooled over when I opened, the kind that was a gift form a very thoughtful fellow Mom friend and Chatter Sponsor who just so proves to me how much I love this gig!!
And no, the earrings are not a giveaway item (again practice people, no way I would part with these beauties). 
Anyways, here is how it went....

Bummer....Got the Door..
And Now the Camera Strap...

Great shot of the camera huh? 

Oh for Pete's Sake....

Dag...That plant back there needs watering!

Getting there...

Close enough!

Lessons Learned:
1) I clearly had too much time on my hands
2) Next time an outfit with color!
3) Scratch that, next time have HUSBAND or friend take photos!!
So with 25 minutes of my life I will never get back I would like to officially announce Lakeside Chatter will be offering free giveaways starting as early as NOW!! Okay not this very second but THIS month!!! And to get you excited next month's giveaway will be focused on Mother’s Day. A big huge thank you to Christine with Thoughtful Creations who is offering a wonderful basket  giveaway full of items any Mom (or Mom to be) will love.  Pictures coming soon!!!
Don't worry, I won't be in them.  :-) 

With Love,

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  1. LOL, this was a hilarious post! You totally made me smile! Can't wait to see all your upcoming giveaways!