Thursday, March 10, 2011

Listen up Momtographers

If you follow me on Facebook you have probably figured out that I LOVE to take pictures. My husband calls me the "Paparazzi" when ever we go anywhere with the kids and my dear cousin Lori, most recently refered to me as "Nana" meaning I am following in the footsteps of the one lady who took more pictures of me and my sister growing up than my own parents. I still remember Nana's old wind em up rectangle shaped camera, and I still remember her thumb prints in just about every shot. I so love these sort of memories because it makes me think about my childhood, how far I have come and how much I love being able to capture a special moment.
So I take pictures....And pictures....And okay fine MORE pictures. I make no apologies people. I love me some photo taking.
So recently I made a little tiny purchase for myself. A Canon Rebel XT along with a 50 mm lens. I call it my post Christmas/ post Valentines/ pre- St. Patricks Day/ pre birthday/ purchase to myself. I NEVER buy stuff for me (who) so I was trilled when I found a great used Cannon and a great local photo store for my lens.
And to add to the LOVE I recently took a course geared towards Mom's who are looking to learn more about their DSLR as well as tips on how to take better photos of our kids.
And so was the teacher, and fabulous Momtographer Erin Jackson withMadison Lane Photography. So good news for all you Momtog's... She will be holding another class on Sunday, May 1st from 1-4:00.
This will be the last class she is offering before she goes out on maternity leave! You can Email her at for more info.

Here area few pictures I have teken recently after I took her class. 
All the neat tricks in these photos, you too can learn.

My six year old Evan and his big smile.

My five year old Ryan and his amazing sweet face.

Two boys who own my heart.
The bribery I used for them to cooperate.

Day of class, practing shots on flowers and got another classmate in the photo by accident. 
Yet I love the way it came out. 

The neckline on my wedding dress I wore 8 years ago.  It was what drew me to the beautiful dress in the first place.

Teddy Bear in Bushes. It never would of occurred to me to take this picture before.  Now it is one of my favorites.

Seriously I feel like a pro now.  Well, okay not quite a pro. But it is so nice to have more knowledge now and to offer up to my future chatter peeps the ability to take professional grade photographs on their products or services. 
So make sure to check out Madison Lane Photography for more on Erin and her services and if you can't get to her class this time around you can read about some great photographing tips she offered up as a guest writer back during the holidays,

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