Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picture Perfect.

So I welcome guest writer, Erin Jackson with Madiosn Lane Photography who happily agreed to give us some much needed photo taking tips and suggestions.  Thank you Erin!!  I will defiantly be taking her suggestions, and her class which starts in January.

Quick Tips for Better Holiday Pictures.

Some of you may have a digital SLR camera on your Christmas wish list, but you don’t have to have a nice camera this holiday season to take better pictures of your kids. Try following these easy tips to make the most of your holiday memories!

1.  Make it fun: My first rule for my clients is to have fun. Children photograph best just being themselves. So instead of making your child say “cheese” or stand posed, trying capturing your kids playing in the leaves, running in a field, putting an ornament on the Christmas tree. These unplanned moments make some of my favorite photographs.

2.   Get to your subject’s eye level: Typically we all take pictures from our eye level looking down at our children, but don’t be afraid to get down on your knees at shoot at your child’s eye level. Not only will your children be more receptive, it will give your photographs a whole new perspective.

3.   Fill the Frame: So many times we will take pictures where our subject ends up being a small part of the frame. Don’t be afraid to get really close to your subject and use your space wisely. Make sure you are filling the frame with subjects that tell a story. If it’s not important, don’t include it!

4.  Color: Children photograph best in color. As we enter the winter season, this is a great time to incorporate fun and colorful accessories into our photograph. I’m a huge fan of knit hats and scarves. The textures and colors work great on everyone!

5.  Go outside: Your photographs will instantly improve if you just do one simple thing and head outside. I know it’s cold, but you cannot ask for better light than the sun naturally diffused by clouds. Taking pictures first thing in the morning or late afternoon makes for some of the best lighting, and good lighting equals great pictures in photography.

If you have an SLR camera and want to learn more tips for taking better pictures of your kids and also how to use your camera to its full potential, Madison Lane Photography regularly offers a Mom’s Photography Class. Please become a fan on Facebook or email the studio for more information at madisonlanephotography@gmail.com.

Madison Lane Photography is a boutique studio serving the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC areas. I take an all-natural light, lifestyle approach to photography, and I specialize in newborn, baby, children’s, family, maternity and seniors photography. My style is simple, fresh and fun. My sessions are unplanned as my goal is to capture you being YOU! I’m a mom of two boys {and a baby on the way!} and wife to a southern gentleman. I love all things chocolate brown, Chik-Fil-A lemonade and fresh clean sheets.

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