Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seeing is Believing.

Yesterday I had the great joy of assisting Operation Mayday at the River Hills Church in Lake Wylie SC.  In conjunction with Steele Creek Outreach, Operation Mayday serves, families in need from our community and surrounding areas by providing a full family meal for Christmas. 
Bi-Lo provided all the hams and the rest of the food came form donations from River Hills church and the Steele Creek Outreach food pantry. 
The idea began back in the fall and Operation Maydays first success was the day before Thanksgiving where 150 meals were boxed up and handed out to area families in need.  It was so inspiring to me to learn that families who wouldn't normally have Thanksgiving dinner, would be now thanks to this great organization.

I wanted my boys to understand that there are people out there who aren't as lucky as we are.  Many of them close by.  I want the boys to grow up with an understanding that things aren't always what they seem.  That we need to be grateful for everything we have on this planet and in this life.  That we need to have compassion for others and if nothing else lend a helping hand.
I was proud of the boys who helped add cookies to all the boxes that were ready to be packed up.  They got to look inside a food pantry and see how much people have donated and they understand who where it is all going. 
For me it was just as humbling.  I am the first to admit I take many things for granted.  I am grateful for people like Nichole Jaworski and organizations such as Steele Creek Outreach and River Hills church who are making the holidays that much better for families who deserve a break. 

Some photos form yesterday.

The boys inside the Food Pantry before we started bagging

Nichole Jaworski of SCO bags homemade cookies to add to the boxed meals

Making sure everyone gets the cookies.

Meals almost ready to go.

For more information on Steel Creek Outreach you can visit:
And for more information on River Hills ongoing Community Cafe which provides community outreach as well as a free meals you can visit;

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  1. Thanks for posting :) I am just a small piece of the puzzle. It is people like you who make SCO so great!! Thanks for helping.