Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prayers, A Walk and a Rock Star.

I pray a lot.  I always have.  It stared with the book "Are you There God it is Me Margaret"  back when I was 12 and like the main character Margaret, I too prayed for what else -  Boobs!  And okay a boyfriend, and if he was in the mood I also prayed to be as pretty as Lisa what's her name.  You know, there was always a "Lisa or an "Alyssa" or a "Stephanie" or some grogoues name that went with the gorgeous girl you went to school with.
I prayed to be like her.
And as I got older I prayed for my heartbreaks to heal, my parents to let me have a longer curfew and for Jon Bon Jovi to never get married until I was of age and he could chose me.
After college I prayed for a job.  Any job that would allow me to get my own apartment and finally be on my own.
And when I was on my own, I prayed not to screw it up.
And when I did I prayed for forgiveness and another chance.
And then years later, once I became a Mom I prayed about everything...
Please let the baby sleep....Please let my husband grab that night feeding, please tell me I won't be a walking one eyed open zombie for the rest of my life..."
"Please tell me this child asleep on my chest will never get hurt, will never get sick, will always be safe, healthy and always always Happy."
Because Children deserve that.  All children! 
My prayers about children are very specific..."Please help that child." 
Because children don't chose to get sick, they don't chose to have a disease or a missing limb or a bad skin disorder when they can't be allowed out in sunlight.  Kids don't pick this.  It is just life doing what it does best, leaving us with questions with tugs on our hearts and of course prayers. 
I am not extremely religious but I am extreme fan of God and his son Jesus Christ.  I believe in heaven and I believe in the power of faith, of his will and that sometimes we are not in control of what he has planned for us. 
And clearly I believe in the power of prayer. 
And when I see the amazing power this has, I am overwhelmed, I am moved beyond words.  Even if what we pray for isn't exactly how we had hoped it would turn out....  I know eventually whether it is in this life or my afterlife, I will understand why.
So it is then I try to wait and maybe understand a bit differently why kids get sick.  Really sick, or why kid's are taken from us so suddenly.  Because in my book you don't mess with kids.  You just don't.  But my book is different than God's and I trust his over mine any day of the week.
So latley I have had a certian child on my heart.  Okay, a certain family on my heart.  Many of you in this community know the Greenwalt Family.  If not you are about too.....
Meet them here
And if this link doesn't work, go over to my blog roll and click on "Life Love & Laundry" 
Or google Mitochrondial Disease.
Either way you will learn their story, their struggles and what they too are praying for - A Cure.
I am honored, to know this family and beyond humbled by their story.  I care very deeply about helping this little girl fight her "sick"  The sick she didn't ask for or deserve, The sick that found her at only 3 weeks of age.
The sick that is still with her today, almost on her 3rd birthday.
So I ask you wonderful readers for two things, first prayers for this family. 
Second, please visit her "Saving Savannah" facebook page and learn how you can help contribute to a walkathon taking place this October. 
The walk is organized by  United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation -Energy for Life." And their team name is "Saving Savannah" which is a perfect name for this little girl.  She not only rocks her own walk, but rocks the hearts of everyone who has met her, who knows her and who loves her.
Meet Savannah, one of the many many faces of kids facing Mitochondrial disease.
One of the faces you can help. 
And I belive she say's it best in the photo.

Until one is found, I will be praying.  Please join me.

With Love,


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