Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach Feet

"As I walked out the door on our first day of vacation and felt my feet sink in the warm white sand I knew I was home...."

Home in the sense that I have always known my feet, along with the rest of me, belong here.... I don't know much about much, about I do know that the feel of sand in my toes makes everything seem well with the world.

It is just the way it goes with me.  I was born at the beach, vacationed every year at the beach.  Went to college at the beach, did homework on the beach, complained about heart aches, young love and jobs gone south to the beach.  Read books, sang songs, chased sand crabs, rode the waves, blissfully got married on the beach and even sadly, said goodbye to my PopPop as his ashes were spread among the ocean waves.
And while I grew up in Connecticut and have lived in Charlotte for over 16 years now.
My heart and soul belong where the water is blue and the sand is soft.

And when I am not on the beach, it whispers to me, in a soft spoken whistle which can bring me right back to where my feet want to dance all day long.
And I try and hang on to that.  Those long winter months when it is cold and grey and routine has grabbed hold of my feet and planted them in hard case cement.  Those days when it seems impossible to move to feel good to be motivated even happy at times.
I try to remember the sound of the surf, the thought of a bright sandy goodness where sounds of two little boys playing on the same beach I did when I was there age....

Reminders of my soul mate, the love of my life who loves the beach as much as I do.  How funny that the universe lined up our souls to enjoy a place where we can let all of our cares in the world float away with the sea breeze. 

And I find myself feeling so grateful that a place like this exists.  A place to draw hearts, smiles, and memories that will last me a lifetime of keeping my feet happy in a place where they will always belong.

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