Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sorry that I have been a bit MIA this week.  However, I have good reason... Both my boys have reached a minor milestone in their young lives.... 
Ryan, my sweet, silly and free spirited little (okay fine BIG) five year old “graduated” pre-school last week.  And yesterday Evan, my hard working, super smart, super competitive yet tenderly sweet six year old had his end of the year Kindergarten celebration.  As he sang a song about entering first grade to the theme of “The Adams Family” I sat there and went Huh?
The time went Where?
I have a first grader….And a Kindergartner?
Insert big fat WTF here..
Might I indulge you with some photos..... 

Here is Ryan... "My BABY".  Correction,  "My BORN 7 weeks early BABY..."  His last day of pre-school involved a little something I like to call "Operation Gut Wrenching Cry Fest."  It was super fun to be sniffling and holding back the "Where did my baby go" chants while cursing and arguing with my Camera, attempting to get it set right for a dim lit room full of moving and shaking kiddo's.  
I took about 200..  These were a few of the good ones...(observe, most of them are not of a dim lit room full of moving and shaking kiddo's)
Carrying flowers to his teachers.
Hugs for Ms. Suzanne
One last pose with "the guys"
On stage, performance time.

Bye Bye Pre-school.

I really will miss the pre-school era...  For four years both of my boys attend the same place, had the same teachers, I sat in the same car pool line and met and got to know so many wonderful Moms and their children.  The sweet little things both boys would bring home, the holiday performances and the fairy tale type atmosphere the kids got to experience before heading off to "real" school.  What a blessing that both Evan and Ryan were able to take part in this precious time of their live that they probably won't remember but I will....

So now I move on to  Big brother' s turn... A.K.A. "MY OTHER BABY IS GRADUATING FROM KINDERGARTEN" and the realization that I have official become "that" Mom I use to make fun of. 
It is just Kindergarten Right?.. 
"Wait till he goes off to college!" My sometimes overly obnoxious mother will remind me with her sweet yet evil Grandmother's grin. 
Oh this is ridiculous right?
Aren't I am allowed to have these milestones to reflect, to cry and basically make a giant fool of myself at my own will and leisure.??  
Fine, more pics.  I need a @#$% tissue anyways!!
Evan peers out of his classroom door before his program.

He played the "N" he was a perfect "N"

First Grade here I come.

Ah, the famous "Tottie Ta" song was performed live.  Sheer cuteness and hilarity
Big thumbs up from Granddaddy.

So that has been my week.
So who else has babies that are growing up and leaving them? 


  1. Great pics. And yes, mine are growing up way too fast as well :(

  2. Everytime at this time of year, I can't believe how old my kids are! At the beginning of the school year I am so ready to send them off after being home all day all summer! But then the year flies by so quickly! I'm going to have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader next year! 3rd grade! That kills me to think about. She's not in the K-2 category anymore, but instead the 3-5! It almost, almost, makes me want another baby... but not really. LOL Maybe a dog. :)