Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plumfield Shop

Last month I featured an article about Etsy. I you haven't heard of Etsy, it is an online store that focuses on handmade art, clothing and vintage items, along with jewelry, photography, accessories, craft supplies and more. I have become a huge fan of Etsy for several reasons’ but mainly because it is place where very talented and creative people can sell their items at very reasonable prices with an artistic and handmade touch. When I visit Etsy, I feel like I have been transported into an old fashion vintage shop full of intimate, cozy and beautiful items that all woman love. You know the kind I am talking about, candles, soft music playing, and the smell of jasmine or lemon pound cake. Little nuggets of the store full of romantic jewelry, soft colors and unique lotions and hand bags, sassy shoes, scarf’s... All the while light jazz playing and a sweet little lady who offers you a satchel for your items and a complimentary cup of tea. Yeah, I could spend all day on Etsy, but my husband and my kids might notice when dinner goes missing.
 So I am thrilled and super excited to introduce you to Lauren Perkins who is the owner, designer and creator of Plumfield Shop.
Plumfield Shop opened last year and offers a wide Varity of charming and sweet items for the home, children, gifts and of course for you, your Mom, or BFF. Her items are very creative and have an outdoors appeal that is perfect for spring and summer time.
  I have been honored to get to know Lauren a little a bit and how she got her Etsy business started and what it is like to be an entrepreneur in the Charlotte area. Read below to learn more about her, and make sure you check Plumfield Shop on Etsy as well as her blog which offers wonderful tips on sewing cooking and other bits of life.

Getting Started...
I have been sewing for five years.  I had always wanted to learn to sew and one day decided that it was time.  I picked out an inexpensive sewing machine for my mother-in-law to get me for Christmas.  I read the whole manual that came with the machine.  I asked my husband for help. 
Eventually, I found my groove.  After lots of practice and lots and LOTS of mistakes, I realized that I was in love.  The fabrics, the colors, the design and construction- everything about this hobby appealed to me.  The only problem was that I could never sew enough.  There was always something keeping me from sewing as much and as often as I wanted. 
Finally, my husband and I put our heads together.  We planned and we calculated and we schemed.  We came up with the crazy idea that I could quit my full time job and start a sewing business.  We read books, brainstormed shop names, and did market research.  And then we just did it. 

Plumfield Shop Launches.
I opened my shop in August of 2010.  I get to sew every day, sometimes all day, and I have never had more fun.  My favorite part is getting to work directly with a customer to create an item that is uniquely theirs.  There is a certain joy that comes from taking your skills and knowledge and using them to give form to someone else’s dream. 

On being an entrepreneur in Charlotte
I think that one of the advantages to starting my own business in Charlotte is that it is a large city with tons of resources.  I have access to all sorts of great supplies and inspiration here.  Most of the small business connections I have made so far are online, but I am looking forward to meeting other local entrepreneurs. 
The hard part about Charlotte being so large though is that I always feel like I am missing something!  I am sure there are lots of great shops and groups that I will never cross paths with and I hate to think that I’m not using my community to its fullest!

A big thank you to Lauren for allowing me to feature her here on the Chatter.  I think you will love her and Plumfield Shop as much as I do.  Don't forget to check out her shop visit her blog and on Facebook as well. 
Plumfield Shop
Plumfield Shop Blog
Plumfield Shop Facebook

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