Friday, March 18, 2011

Hodge-Podge...My Musings for a Bittersweet Friday!

Well it is Friday!
And what a relief because this has been a long one....
And a sad one...
A reflective one...
A Hodge Podge if you will of emotions.

And now apparently a sick one (5 year old just threw up...Oh goodie....Happy Friday to me...Happy Friday to me) 
But I am pressing on.  Five year old on sofa with ginger ale and trashcan nearby.  Everything within reach has been disinfected.  Prayers... Oh so many prayers that it was something he ate and not the stomach virus. 
Because he has a 6 year old brother.
And you all know what that means.
But enough of that.
Back to it being Friday.  Which make's tomorrow Saturday (I am so smart).  Tomorrow is going to be bittersweet.  The Spring Fling is upon us and I am so thrilled an excited to offer my first giveaway.  I told you all I would let you know what the giveaway was and I will. I PROMISE
I just had a bit of a setback.
An unexpected "What?"
That led to me on the front porch crying in the early morning hours.  A friend, a dear one at that, a unique person in my life who was a part of a family I am involved with at church.  Someone I sang with, laughed with, worshipped with, drank homemade beer with and strummed the guitar with. That wonderful person named Gene, known to most as "Bo" or if you were really feeling creative "BoGene" which oddly suited him and he didn't mind.
That friend is gone.  Bo, passed away from complications of pneumonia.  He is now "Jammin with the Lord" as those who knew him well say.  His guitar and his voice that hit high notes better than anyone I know.
How lucky they are to have him.
So we celebrate that and will do so tomorrow at his memorial service.
But what a huge hurtful hole in our hearts we here on earth are left to deal with.
Like I said hodge-podge.....bodge smodge hodge modge... 
Not much more I can say here so how about a photo?

Vocal Team acting mature durning a recording last year.

Isn't that Great?
That is Bo in the front row with the black T-Shirt on sticking his tongue out and attempting to do rabbit ears behind my head.
That was So BO!
And I will miss him more than words can say.  I am still trying to get my arms around the fact he is gone.  That I won't see him again...  That he won't be behind me on the rafter's in church as we sang as he poked me in the back trying to make me laugh, and how he always asked about the boys and stayed on me with my guitar practice.  How he was at every one of his kid's soccer games, how he loved his wife Barb so much... His sense of humor of original and geuine quality to make you smile and want to be around him more...
That was So BO...
And so much more....
But in the words of Forest Gump....  "That is all I have to say about that..."
Maybe more Photo....

Whom the gods love die young” Latin Proverb.
More later Chatter family,  I love you all.

Mary I.


  1. Mary-though gone from this earth-his memory will remain forever.

    “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

    His spirit will live on in his children, his wife, and the many individuals whose hearts he touched.
    You are doing great, keep your head up and remember to relive and recreate his goodness.

  2. it's always tragic to lose someone we love, and especially tragic when it is someone with so much life left to live. but i suppose god needed him more than everyone here on earth for some reason and it stinks. i will be praying for you, for his family, and for your church.