Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Cookie Fairy

So, I haven't been feeling that great, allergies and a sinus infection combined is not the way to start a week.  My energy is zapped, and I am behind in so many things that I can't remember if I am coming or going.  I am still adjusting to the sadness from the passing of my friend Bo, and have a good ole fashion case of  "da Blues"
Yet life goes on.
And this fairy knows exactly how hard sometimes that can be.
It takes a certain kind of fairy to know that chocolate chip cookies are the soothe all, the make everything better that the pure sweetness of a chocolate chip melting in your mouth can chase the blues away.  Yes, this fairy is indeed special, she is inspiring; She puts the "ookie" in cookie and does so without even trying.
She rocks and she has no idea what sweet kindness and pure generosity she oozes.  She amazes me every day by her ability to think of others.
What a better world we would have if we thought more of others instead being so focused on ourselves. 
It sometimes takes a fairy to remind me of this.  That there are is so much beauty so much good in the world. 
Even when we are being tested.
Even when we are running behind, when we are zapped and lagging on motivation.
Even when life hurts.
The world will spin, the sun will shine and the good will show, the smiles will linger and the cookies will bake.
And thank God for that and for the fairies who know exactly where to fly and spread their love, one crumb at a time.
Thank you....

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  1. The same "fairy" surprised me with cookies as well. She sure does put the ookie in cookie! A good example to all she is! Mel C.