Monday, March 21, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations to PATTY MACDONALD of Charlotte, NC.
 Who won the very first Lakeside Chatter Giveaway Basket.
Thanks to all of you who registered online and in person.  I enjoyed meeting new folks.
 Like outdoor Spring time events require mucho Zyrtec and Allergy Visine.  For those of you who stopped by and saw me with tears running down my face and a wad of Kleenex in my hand, I truly was happy to see you, I promise.  I have issues with pollen flying in the air....
I blame my parents (but still love them)
Also, I met some great women, and if possible am even more INSPIRED to show em all off to you over the next few weeks.
 I plan to be at more local events down the road and will let you know.
My next giveaway is coming up soon so check back!!
Lastly, A big huge GIANT Thank you to Lucia Clark and Misty Grant who let me be their 3rd roommate in their booth.
We were set up right next to the beer tent....
This was not at all distracting for any of us.

Enjoy a Few Pictures. 

Lucia get's set up, as I ignore the green beer flag banner's blowing in the wind.
My set up for Registration.

Misty Grant's adorable creations for kid's rooms.

More adorablness from Misty.

Lucia's awesome nursery decora for over the crib.
Me with Lucia and Misty, two super talented Mommies.

Amber (one of my favorite local Mommy Bloggers) and myself. 

Agian thank you to all the folks who donated products for the Giveaway:
Jan Wallace with Sugar Creek Garden Center
Doug Leatherman with Hattie's Antiques
Amy Johnson (Woven Headband)
Kara Kipp (Arbonne).

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