Monday, February 7, 2011

Having my Pink and Blogging it to.

The new is here. I am in love with my new look and hope you are too.  Like most things in life, it turned out not quite as I was expecting. 
A pink background? 
How did  that happen? 
But here it is new and fresh and simple yet lovely and sweet.
And different from anything I ever thought.
Which is sort of the point.
And I so love it when that happens.
Thanks for being so patient.
Welcome back and Grab my button.
Let's Chat.
Sort of what you all do for me.
Now we can do it together.
In all sorts of colors.
I can not wait!



  1. Great job Mary, it looks awesome!!

  2. Hello Mary I "met" you through our group on Linkdin. Your site is lovely and I love how you showcase other businesses.

    Did you know Honeysuckle is the Color of the year and it is a deep pink. So you are definiately styling... I did a post, Color Trends 2011, on this color on my blog,