Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Ideas from Arbonne

Timeless Gifts from Arbonne.

Okay so I am hooked.  And I am not just saying this because I wrote an article about Arbonne and adore the mistletoe out of Kara, but I am truly hooked.  I have looked for a long time for something that  helped my crazy skin compliments of my Mom, and her Mom and her Mom (you get the idea).  I have been using the FC-5 line which is geared towards folks with sensitive skin and who also want to get a leg up on this whole aging thing that I have yet to figure out how to stop. 

So I hope to spread the joy of the Arbonne product which is 100% green (how festive) smells so wicked good and works like a true champion.  Here are some cool gift ideas for Moms, sisters, Friends, even husbands.
- Mary

Pampermint Gift Set for the tootsies

Ginger Citrus Luxury Gift Set.

RE9 Advanced for Men Gift Set.

Happy Holidays!!
Kara Kipp
Independent Consultant

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