Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Megamind and Me - A Mommy's Review.

Who knew that I would have a lot in common with a blue, egg headed alien?  But aft the first 5 minutes in to the new movie "Megamind" I found myself identifying with the dude immediately.  Without giving too much away, I will share one scene.  A high school gym, where a clearly struggling to fit in kid, (Megamind) is picked last,  Yup that was me.  Me all the way, and it is amazing how that memory can still trickle out and send me right back to the 9th grade where I not only was the last one picked in gym class, I just somehow, for some reason, never really fit in.

I am okay with this now of course.  It has taken me 37 (OK... FINE...) 38 years to embrace my inner "dork".  Being a dork actually comes in handy when you are a Mom.  It provides for a lot of creative entertainment.  I can get down and silly with the boys, come up with crazy games that make no sense and even encourage contest's that sometime involves throwing underwear (there's not mine) up to the second floor catwalk and see who can get it to land on the chandelier.... (It was raining out and I was desperate) Thankfully my kids are still young enough not to be embarrassed by me just yet.   I love this stage.  I can be ridiculous and they still think I am a rock star.
But I know what is looming.  They are growing every day.... I can’t stop it, no matter how hard I try.
However I can encourage them to be themselves, and that really is the underlying message of Megamind.  We are all different in so many ways and there is nothing wrong with different.   I have always tried to teach the boys to embrace their differences, to use their gifts and talents and to help encourage others to do the same.  Will Ferrell's voice is perfect for Megamind as I don't know of a bigger dork whose talent for comedy is so good, it is also ridiculous.
The laughs are often so are a few sentimental moments between Megamind and Roxanne (voiced by Tina Fey), the journalist who covers him and the chaos he causes Metrocity.  Throw in an unexpected friendship in the end and some kick ass music too.   I walked out of the theatre with that warm fuzzy feeling I defiantly lacked in high school gym.  My five and half year old loved it.  My four and half got a little squirmy, but it probably had more to do with the fact he drink way too much fruit punch and sitting still has yet to enter his vocabulary.

And for those of you curious about the underwear contest (you know who you are).  Evan won that day, and landed his on top of the chandelier with perfect technique.  He has a gift for aiming high, I talent I find myself encouraging in him more and more.  Even with his underwear, something I am quite certain even Megamind would appreciate.

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